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About Us

My designs are blend of abstract and unique color.  

How did I got into the sublimation printing business?
It all began with the time that I was looking for a cell phone case that is aesthetically appealing. I could not find one. Then, I learned from friends and family members that they desire for a cell phone case that they can be personalize design, yet at an affordable price. As I have a B.A. degree in Graphic Design, they asked if I could fulfill their dream.

 I  have acquired knowledge on printing techniques, identifying global suppliers of materials, including cases for cell phones, tablets, etc. The categories are also expanded into other areas whereby consumers long for unique designs such as mug, cups, T-shirt, holiday decorations, etc.

 I hope my extensive efforts for fulfilling an area that has been rarely met so far in the marketplace can earn your appreciation. Please feel free review the store for more details.  With your help me realize my dream of providing needed services to people.


Please contact me for custom-made services at eric.leegraphic@gmail.com

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