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Artist Biography

Hi and Thank you for stopping by! 

Here a brief summary about me. 

Self-Portiat Oil Painting 2007 by Eric Lee

Eric Lee wants to help you express your personality through his own artwork.

As an Asian-American twentysomething with a learning disability that affects his speech and motor skills, he has found his place in the world through art. He began his lifelong love for vivid, abstract imagery as a youngster with a paintbrush in an art class, where the instructor identified him as a young Picasso.

Childhood wasn’t always easy for Eric, who was very shy and had trouble communicating. As a result, he often found himself the target for bullies -- even in his special ed classes and served from depression.  Through art therapy, he has uncovered his own voice -- one that often involves striking colors and a bit of edginess -- and a passion for providing designs for others to express their tastes in a unique way.

A 2011 graduate of Lewis University, Eric began his career as a graphic design artist when he put together his own custom designs for his iPhone and realized he could create his own line of products! He named his company Aspire Imaginary because he discovered he could accomplish through his imagination, and he launched it to the public in late 2015.

Check him out at his official artist's site: https://www.ericlee25.com.  




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