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Design References

Here are the list of designs help you out to understand particular design style on phone cases, mugs, and water bottles. 

Letters with Chinese Characters: Have some fun in Cultural Integration -- blending English letters with Chinese characters in similar sound. For example: 愛 (pronounced Ai) means “Love”; 安 (pronounced An) means “Calm” or “Safe/Secure” in Chinese.

Letters: Make your first/last name initials more artistic with patterns, lines, fashions, repeat letters in versatile styles, vintage images, wild west themes, Asian flavor (Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters), etc

Quotes: Be inspirational with quotes that are Inspiring about life and love, humorous, philosophical, religious and thought provocative

Animals: For the animal lovers and kids, enjoy the artist’s hand drawn designs for a variety of popular animals such as lion, tiger, panda, etc. Lovely animal patterns are also liked by many customers.

Pattern: Flannel, Geometric, Seamless, and etc..

Other Designs: photo manipulation, Photography done by me, and hand-made collage by using Stamps, texture/pattern scrapbook papers, and other collage items from art and crafts store. 


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