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Q: What does Aspire Imaginary mean and how did you come up with the company's name?

A: The first word Aspire means direct one's hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. I want to reach my goal as a successful artist who share his unique creative design in sublimation printing process.

I came up with Imaginary from one of my favorite rock band called Evanescence. The song Imaginary help me through the light time and the dark time of my life. The chorus of the song is where I came up with the whole company name.  Evanescence- Imaginary lyrics - YouTube

Q: Do you offer customize design service? Can I have my own picture on similar pre-made products like phone cases, mugs, water bottles, or special items? 

A: Yes!! Just fill out the Custom Order Service at main menu. You can send me your pictures of your family, or pets on any sublimation products: mugs, water bottle, phone cases, or home decor.

 If you choose custom design option, I can design anything as long it is does not violate any copyrights or trademarks. I will give 2 design options base on your design idea. There will be $29 design service fee upon confirmation of acceptance of the design of your chose.  

Q: Why all the prices of the products range from $15-$35?

A: Who wants to spend $40 or above for a unique design on electronic cases, mugs, and water bottle? $15 to $35 is adorable price for everyone can purchase an case for their phone or tablet. 

 Q: Return/Refund Policy

A: 60 days Return or refundable policy only apply to designs made by Eric Lee or otherwise notices. There is no return/refundable  for customize products between you and Aspire Imaginary. 


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