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Cute Majesty Non-medical Facial Mask


Size Guide

$ 15.00 USD

 I create this cute Corgi with a crown in Adobe Illustrator. Rest of the artwork done in Photoshop by using different street graffiti photoshop brushes and textures. The facial mask are either 2 layer protective or 3 layer protective polyester two help you be safe inside or outside.

Facial Mask Information:
You can choose in three different types of non-medical sublimation face mask:
1) 3-layer mask with black border and black straps
2) * 2-layer mask with black border and black straps (some may come with a filter insert
3) 2-layer mask Polyester
4) Mask with white border and pocket opening for insert

Product/Material Information:
Sublimate Face Mask with a black border and black straps.
Mask is made of 2 or 3 layers of 100% high-quality polyester and cotton
Each mask has elastic straps and comes with 2 grommets for custom resizing.

Large is for adult (both male/female)
Sm is for children and ladies



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